Ringing in the new year with my STACK of day planners.  No, those all for this year. 
And yes, I need all of them. 
Why so many you ask? 
*rubs hands in greedy glee like a cartoon villain* 
Well first off – I like day planners.  Purple day planners especially, but any color will do.  Other people have a hard time with eating one chip (ok, well, I do too) but my real addiction is the siren song of those blank pages that promise serenity and productivity if only I plan proactively. 
It’s not true because I am the kind of person who will ADD things in until I get to the breaking point.
But at least I have a written record of the decent, and one day, God willing, I’m going to learn from my mistakes, realize that I am NOT the proud owner of a Tardis and that time and energy are real things. 
Perhaps this year is the year.

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