I inadvertently wrote another Grumpy Old Gods story. 

I was about 1500 words into Hera on a Harley when I realized that the story was way too long for the blog hop.

I love the Storytime Blog hop, but it’s hard to get people to read 500-1000 words on the internet.  Hera needed at least two thousand and would be better at three. 

Well crud.  It’s not like I don’t always need more mythology-based stories and any story where Zeus gets his toga-clad butt kicked by anyone is always a win for me. 


I switched gears.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here since we’re in the baby stages of development (meaning I’m working on flash fiction) but I eventually want to have a You Tube channel with stories on it.  Nothing fancy – just a cool pic with a story scrolling up so people like me can tune into the channel and listen to short form while they walk or clean. 

What can I say, I’m a simple person with a deep need to be entertained, and I assume everyone else is just like me. 

Anyway, I want stories that are exactly five hundred words or less for the first videos – because people have short attention spans – and I say this as a verified person. 

But I’m wordy (and if you follow this blog at all, you can verify that). 

So, I have stories that are over 500 words.  Sometimes I revise them.  Sometimes I put them to the side. 

I happened to have a little something half-finished that would work for the blog hop, so I’ve been tinkering with it. 

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